WordPress Websites

What is WordPress?

wordpress-01WordPress is a free software package that was originally designed for use by Bloggers who needed a simple, easy way to produce a website with a blog.  Today, WordPress has grown way past that original goal and has become a world-class Content Management System (CMS), which in simple terms means it allows end-users to edit their own websites.

TR-One uses WordPress to design a majority of its websites.  With the availability of free and paid Plug-Ins that allows the addition of advanced features like eCommerce, Newsletter subscriptions, video and image galleries, WordPress is the choice for a lot of website developers.

TR-One offers a variety of levels of WordPress web designs:

Level 1: 5 Page Starter for $400.00

This is a great introductory website.  It features any of the free WordPress themes and plug-ins and we create up to five pages of content for you.  This normally includes the Home, About, Services, News and Contact pages.  It can be any five pages you want, even photo galleries. Up to two users may be registered to edit the content once the site is finished, or for a small annual fee, TR-One can do those for you.

Add-on our annual hosting fee of $90.00 and you’re set to go to start promoting your company or institution on the web!  You get up to 5 emails with this package.

Level 2: 10 Page Advanced Site for $750.00

This package increases the content to up to 10 pages, Theme customization, basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and includes on-site 2-hour training for 2 people.  You get up to 10 emails with this Level.  Add-on hosting of $90.00 to complete this package.

Level 3: Starter eCommerce Site for $1,500.00

Includes the premium eStore Plug-In which allows you to add products and a check-out page for your products or services.  All you need is a PayPal Business account and your set to go to accept on-line payments from any major credit card.  Up to 15 pages of content and 25 products.  Includes training on how to add and manage products.

You get up to 10 emails with this Level.  Add-on hosting of $90.00 to complete this package.

Level 4: Custom Designed Theme

Themes are what drive the design portion of WordPress.  There are hundreds of free and paid themes available.  TR-One will take a base theme and customize it to your specific branding needs.  Once that theme design is complete, add on any of the above packages to complete your website.  This is for those specific situations where a truly custom design is required.  TR-One quotes each of these custom designs individually as each one has its own requirements.  Contact us for a free quote on a design for you.