Video Uses

It is a proven fact that people have a higher retention rate when they SEE and HEAR a message.  The figures range depending on the study, but anywhere from 75 to 85% retention is obtained when a message is presented in audio/visual format.  Video is a mainstay in the industry and a very effective tool to convey your company’s message.

Today, video has become even easier and cheaper to produce There are many affordable tools on the market to make it easy to capture video on digital devices. You can shoot a quick demonstration video on your phone, upload it to TR-One to edit, and then it is posted to YouTube or your website for your followers to see.

For custom home builders, I take existing photographs and assemble them into  home tours using video effects to provide some movement to the normally static images.  These are great tools for showcasing a builder’s techniques and products.  Then, by adding in some simple text points on screen and a voice over, your message is then retained at a much higher rate if simply read on a webpage.

Below is an example video of this technique.  The video is a home tour built from existing photographs, and is a cost effective way of using still photos to create an eye-catching video.