TR-1 Profile

TR-One Productions serves the Western Suburbs of Illinois, providing cost effective and creative solutions for video editing and local broadcast consultation.

TR-One provides you with a Single Source Solution for community cable broadcasting and video streaming needs for city and county organizations. TR-One provides consultation, design, equipment recommendations, and management of installations. With 40 years of network, local broadcasting, and video production experiences, TR-One has the knowledge and experience to provide you the right solution for your budget and needs.

TR-One also provides Video Editing and Post-Production services. From simple audio edits, to complex marketing videos, l have done it all. With a complete library of licensed music and production elements, I will design a soundtrack to make your video sound as great as it will look.

Contact TR-One at 630-334-4100 for a free, no obligation consultation on the services that would benefit your company.  You’ll be glad you did!

Owner Profile

TR-One Productions is owned and operated by Byron Wilkins of Montgomery, Illinois.  Byron started off his career in 1977 working in Broadcast Television News, and moved into the corporate field of video production in the 1980’s.  In the 1990’s, Byron expanded his horizons and took on the entire multimedia field including producing award winning training videos, CD-ROMs, and animations.

Today Byron specializes in video editing and broadcasting consultation.  He works with a vast field of suppliers and contractors who provide him the needed services to achieve his client’s goals.  He is at home with any small business as he has run his own business for 30 years and fully understands what it takes to be successful.   But is also comfortable in a large corporate settings, having worked with global giants like Caterpillar, BP and others.

Contact Byron today for a one-on-one free consultation and see what experiences he can bring to your company’s or community’s needs.